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  JCC Co., Ltd.
Japan Commerce Corporation Co. Ltd. work with all vessel lines to arrange international shipment from Japan to all continentals of the world. Depending on your port location, we offer optimized routes and combinations to save your time and budget. Having close cooperation with strong chain of domestic logistics companies, using huge yards in five large cities alongside Japan we can ship your vehicles from the ports:
Using several ports in widespread locations same time gives us real advantages:
We want each of our customers to perceive some key moments of shipping process of which to understand will certainly bring both of us to the complete understandings:
The vessels of most Lines leave Japan at the end of each month, 25th-30th. In case, if we can not catch current vessel due to some of above-mentioned reasons, we have wait and apply for the next month-end vessel. So, please, kindly understand the real situation with international shipment and actual place of the exporter in this process.
If you will be fairly conscious enough about those circumstances then we will have smooth and successful business for long-term.
At the same time, we will try our maximum to ship your cargo at soonest time on most recent vessel.